May 18, 2008

Why CEO Watch?

WHY NOT? Just because they are CEOs, some of them think they can do anything they like. No way. They aren't angels. They make mistakes like other human beings. Some of them cheat, steal, break promises, mislead.

Some of them think they are Hollywood stars - rich and irresistible. So they go out with starlets and marry trophy wives. And along the way many of them have brought down proud corporations. They are grossly overpaid and they collect awards like Tan Sris and Datuks for themselves instead of excellence awards for their companies.

There are some good ones but they usually are quite low profile. They don't shout but are usually yelled at by the media and the politicians.

My blog will feature these characters and how they perform for their companies. Whenever there are juicy stories about them, we'll share.

With the hope that this blog will make the CEOs more aware, I remain ...



Anonymous said...

I'm only a housewife. But I think I can understand what you are talking about. And yes, we do need a blog like yours. Ceo's and big corporate boys too need to be accountable. I look forward to reading more on your blog.
Thank You


Anonymous said...

Came across your blog through Rocky's Bru. It's a very interesting idea. As an investor (small time only though) I think it's good to get insight on the people running the companies where we put our money in. I've invested in companies like UEM World. Anything there?


Not an Instigator. said...

Bro,actually i was the one who provoke you and said my moderator friends in MT says Sime is doing fine and you responded and starts this CEO expectation come through and do start rolling.and if you suceed after 6 are definitely a PRO.Mission accompolished. Bye